Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Goes Free-to-Play

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Landfall have announced their parody battle royale Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has gone free-to-play.

A battle royale spin-off of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, players fight across an island with ever closing walls. They have access to the expected firearms, but also far weirder attachments and grenades.

Make a double-barreled healing sniper-rifle, send foes sky-high with crossbow bolt balloons, and summon walls and jump pads with grenades; all subject to Totally Accurate physics.

The game originally intended to launch on April 1st, 2018 (though was delayed and launched June 6th), and was free for the first 100 hours on Steam. Now three years after that launch, the game has gone fully free-to-play.

Those who got the game free in 2018 or paid for it will have access to all cosmetics in the game before it went free-to-play, the tracksuit clothes (which cause you to emanate hardbass music), and a tracksuit weapon skin (coming on the 19th April). Those who bought the game will also get 1000 MoneyCoins (worth $6 USD, the game originally sold for $5 USD).

On April 19th, the game’s cosmetics shop will open, including weapon skins and catchphrase packs. The Catchprhase system (where users can select three words to be shouted out as a taunt) will be upgraded to feature new voices, multiple catchphrase slots, and more.

There will also be a Season pass with “tons of free rewards,” and the Totally Accurate Battle Pass for premium rewards.

You can find the Free to Play and the Founders Pack trailers below.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is now free-to-play on Windows PC via Steam. You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Battle Royal like you’ve never seen it before. Start the match skydiving face-first into a building and end the game by beating your opponents in a guns-blazing game of the floor is lava.


  • Up to 60 players (wobblin’ around)
  • Squad, duo and solo mode (great for first dates)
  • Physics-based parkour (the wobblier the better)
  • Fun-sized map (for fun-sized people)
  • 90+ weapons (including a shallow pot with a long handle)
  • Catchphrases (Speak freely in this game… Using 3 words)
  • Blessings and curses for those of you who do well (and not so well)
  • Limbo (u not dead yet mate)


Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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