Total War Saga Announced, New Historical Spinoff Series for PC

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced Total War Saga, a new historical series set within the Total War franchise.

The new series of games will be “standalone spin-off titles” that focus on “exciting pivotal moments in history rather than whole historical eras.” The first game in this series is naturally for PC. In the game’s announcement blog, game director Jack Lusted pointed out these games will be set within a particular time period.

Total War: SHOGUN 2 standalone spinoff Fall of the Samurai was used as an example, where the developer said there could be as many playable factions or conquerable regions, but they’ll be focused on a specific time period, or perhaps even singular war.

The gameplay will be the same, but the focus will be on “pivotal flashpoints in those eras, such as civil wars, renowned conquests and political upheavals.”

We first reported on a new Total War game back in November of last year – back when franchise brand director Rob Bartholomew noted the game would take place in an era not tackled by the series thus far. In the blog update, Lusted notes this is an entirely separate game.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the other team within Creative Assembly is working on the next full Total War game, with its on large and dedicated team, set within a new era not handled so far in the series. Lusted said the game is “a huge title for CA and we’ll be talking about it much more in the future.”



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