Top 5 My Hero Ultra Rumble Beginner Tips

My Hero Ultra Rumble Beginner Tips

My Hero Ultra Rumble released a while back, and we have been hard at work figuring out the best strategies to succeed in battle.

Ultra Rumble is quite a unique battle royale, so even players with prior knowledge of the genre could be a little lost, which is why we compiled a top 5 featuring the best tips to get ahead in the game.

5- Mind your surroundings

Visibility is everything in the battle royale genre, and My Hero Ultra Rumble has quite a few hiding spots, even in the most open places.

Catching players off-guard when they are going around buildings, or by hanging out around vantage points is a huge key to success in the game, especially when playing as specialist characters.

Another character that benefits from this tip despite not being a specialist is Uraraka. Her Nebulous Space skill is the perfect trap to catch players who don’t mind their surroundings, making her a great character to start team fights.

Never forget that you can crouch to hide in bushes, or simply obfuscate yourself by going inside of buildings. Getting the drop on your enemies will always be a fantastic advantage, and could the key to winning against overpowered teams.

4- Pay attention to team compositions

Not only are there some fantastic character synergies in My Hero Ultra Rumble, but each character archetype also has a bonus that applies to their entire team, and that bonus can stack with multiple characters of the same role.

Teams with multiple Rapid characters, for example, will be great at engaging and disengaging from fights, while teams with multiple assault characters will be excellent at doing burst damage and rapidly killing other teams.

Make sure that your team is always on the same page when it comes to your composition, and make the best out of each archetype’s bonus. Players should remember the strengths and weaknesses of their team at all times, and know when it’s time to fold or go all in.

3- Start working towards a goal

Let’s be honest, the characters that come unlocked by default aren’t terrible, but they surely get outclassed by the rest of the roster. A good way to not depend on your three daily character cards is to start working towards your preferred character as soon as you can.

Personally, I recommend aiming towards Bakugo, not only is he one of the best damage dealers in the game, but he’s also one of the earliest characters that can be unlocked, by grinding out missions for the special pass.

It may take a while, depending on the character you set your sights on, but not being limited on the amount of matches you can play as your main is a huge deal in this game.

2- Don’t ignore civilians

Despite revolving around people with super powers, My Hero Ultra Rumble places a great importance in civilians, regardless if you are a hero or a villain.

Civilians can reward you with potions that will fill up your health, shields, or even increase all of your team’s skills, and what’s most important, they are the only source of resurrection cards.

After collecting three resurrection cards, you can bring up to two fallen members of your team. Using the cards is extremely fast, and they are the only way to resurrect teammates, making them an invaluable resource.

1- Your main goal is to always level up

Level up cards are your bread and butter in this game, because hitting enemies doesn’t matter if you aren’t doing enough damage to actually defeat them.

Leveling up your skills makes a massive difference when it comes to tackling fights, and I can guarantee you that the last remaining teams are always the one with the higher levels.

Skills gain damage and extra effects, as well as extra charges depending on how much you level them, so make sure to pick the best skill on your kit and make it as strong as possible as fast as you can.

Level up cards can be found in chests, by helping civilians, or by killing enemy players. Whatever way you acquire them doesn’t matter, you should always set your sights towards leveling up.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is available for free on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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