Top 5 Games to Grab During The DreamHack Beyond Game Awards Sale

Steam DreamHack Beyond Game Awards Sale

The DreamHack Beyond Game Awards 2023 winners have been revealed, and as part of the festivities, a lot of demos and sales have been made available.

We got to work and handpicked some of the best games available on sale, which you can view below:

5- Flotsam

Flotsam is a unique city builder, in which you build an entire civilization out of trash in the middle of the ocean.

Players are tasked for scavenging whatever garbage they can find to add to their floating city, in a bright and colorful post-apocalyptic survival experience.

Don’t be fooled by the game’s quirky art style, though, as Flotsam can be a desperate fight for survival at times, featuring more to it than meets the eye.

Flotsam is going for $18.74 with a 25% discount on Steam.

4- Peglin

Do you want to play the world’s most absurd pachinko machine without going broke? Then Peglin is for you.

Peglin is a roguelike pachinko adventure, which draws heavy inspiration from titles like Peggle and Slay the Spire.

Players are put in the shoes of a little goblin who fights enemies by collecting powerful relics and orbs with special effects who help him defeat his enemies in a turn-based combat system.

Peglin is going for $14.99 with a 25% discount on Steam.

3- Lucah: Born of a Dream

Lucah: Born of a Dream is one of the most unique hack-and-slash souls-likes out there, featuring a scratchy art style and tight gameplay.

The game describes itself as a harrowing struggle through our worst nightmares, and its surreal linework and art style surely embrace that.

Lucah: Born of a Dream is a solid challenge even for veteran souls players, with incredibly difficult but rewarding gameplay, perfectly punctuated by slow motion dashes, parries, and in-depth customization.

Lucah: Born of a Dream is going for $4.49 with a 70% discount on Steam.

2- Inkulinati

Inkulinati is a turn-based RPG inspired by the art found in medieval manuscripts, which often portrayed colorful depictions of violence and nonsensical illustrations.

The game reflects the nature of the medieval manuscripts pretty well with its off-color and crass sense of humor, featuring some extremely weird units like a donkey who farts into a trumpet to lower enemy accuracy.

Players have to meticulously plan their strategy and unit formation on a 2D plane, and are also allowed to interfere directly with the battles by performing hand actions that can push units around, attack enemies, or heal friendly targets.

Inkulinati is going for $13.99 with a 44% discount on Steam.

1- Spiritfall

In Spiritfall, you play as the death-defying Omenforged, an unknown warrior who receives a sacred mask and must use its powers to open the great gate, which has severed the connection between humanity and spirits.

Spiritfall features a refreshingly deep combat system, with launchers, combo extensions, directional-based combat, and more. It’s a blast to juggle enemies and make insane combo setups, especially because the game really rewards you for it, with wall splats being a very important mechanic.

Fans of combo-heavy games will definitely have a blast with Spiritfall, as it features an extremely impressive combat system coupled with a really engaging roguelike progression. The game scratches that character action itch, and fans of more popular roguelikes will be instantly at home when it comes to Spiritfall‘s mechanics.

Spiritfall is going for $16.19, with a 10% discount on Steam. We also have a preview for the game if you want to learn more.

The DreamHack Beyond Game Awards sale is running from December 15 to December 21, 2023. You can view all of the available demos and games on sale right here.

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