Top 5 Deals – Steam Remote Play Together Sale

Steam Remote Play Together Sale

The 2024 Steam Remote Play Together sale is here, and it’s running for a very short amount of time, so you better get to these deals soon.

For those not in the loop, Remote Play Together is a feature on Steam that allows players to simulate local co-op over network, allowing for online play on games that are local co-op only. The most interesting part is that only one person needs to have the game in their account, while others can simply join in without having purchased their copy.

Below, you can view our top 5 game picks for this sale:

5- Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is possibly one of the best 2D platformers out there, featuring a fantastic set of levels which are not only paced to perfection, but also incredibly hard.

Co-op may not be the most optimal way of playing the game, but it’s certainly the funniest, as you get to slap your friends around and mess up their jumps in difficult sections of the game.

Rayman Origins’ online features have been unfortunately removed, which makes the title a perfect candidate for the Remote Play Together system.

Rayman Origins is going for $5.99 on Steam with a 70% discount.

4- Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers has been around for a long time, and somehow never gets old. There are loads of hidden characters to try out, and its level design and difficulty have aged quite well.

The game supports up to four players, and was definitely designed with multiplayer in mind, as some boss fights can be a little overwhelming when playing solo.

Castle Crashers is a blast to go through with up to four people supported in local co-op, and happens to be one of The Behemoth’s best works.

Castle Crashers is going for $4.49 on Steam with a 70% discount.

3- Crawl

Crawl is a somewhat obscure title that hasn’t received a lot of love, but almost everyone that has played it praises its unique ideas.

In Crawl, four players are put in a constant tug of war over who gets to keep their human body, while the others remain as specters. The human player has to reach the end of the dungeon and beat the boss, while the three other specters do their best to kill the human and take the body themselves.

The monster summoning system in Crawl is one of the game’s many highlights, as you can continuously evolve the creatures you summon as a specter, to the point where they become bosses themselves. The constant push and pull over which player gets to be human is also a very unique mechanic, which makes the game quite engaging.

Crawl is going for $4.94 on Steam with a 67% discount.

2- Darksiders Genesis

The latest entry in the Darksiders series follows the tradition of one different genre per game, this time, acting as an isometric hack-and-slash with an emphasis on co-op.

Multiplayer ARPGs are not that uncommon, but one that has co-op play built into it as a main selling point is definitely rare to see.

Players are put in the shoes of either War or Strife, and have to work together to solve puzzles, take down bosses, and mow down hordes of demons.

Darksiders Genesis is going for $7.49 on Steam with a 75% discount.

1- A Way Out

A Way Out is a fantastic cinematic experience that was entirely designed with co-op gameplay in mind, featuring a very gripping story.

Co-op is such an integral part of the game that it can’t even be played alone, as having two players is fully integral to the game’s plot.

A Way Out has somewhat revolutionized modern co-op titles in a way, and Hazelight’s following title, It Takes Two, also shows that this is what the studio excels at, making this game a perfect candidate for the Remote Play Together system.

A Way Out is going for $5.99 on Steam with an 80% discount.

The Steam Remote Play Together sale is running until February 19, 2024. You can view all the games and free demos available right here.

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