Top 3 Deals – Ubisoft Publisher Sale

Steam Ubisoft Publisher Sale

Ubisoft’s 2024 publisher sale has arrived, so we decided to give our input into what we think the top 3 deals are.

Ubisoft has had a rough time recently, but some of their past titles are still worth playing, despite the company’s current state.

Below you can find our top 3 choices on Ubisoft titles, enjoy:

3- For Honor

For Honor is a surprisingly competent fighting game that was initially ruined by its lack of dedicated servers and balancing issues, but has since made a return after some quality of life updates.

Believe it or not, the second wind that For Honor gained a few years ago is still ongoing, and the game sports a sizeable player base, constantly being updated with new content and fighters. The fact that For Honor is not only receiving support but also new content 7 years after launch is pretty uncharacteristic of Ubisoft, but we won’t complain about a good thing.

For Honor also happens to scratch a very particular itch for weapon-based fighting games, as the only other fighting game series with a weapon focus would be SoulCalibur.

For Honor is going for $2.99 with an 80% discount on Steam.

2- Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Continuing our list with another PvP game, we have Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s own eSports FPS.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter with a heavy emphasis on slow and methodical gameplay. Players must win rounds either by attacking or defending parts of a randomly selected map, which can be reinforced or breached in a plethora of ways.

The constant addition of new operators helps keep the game fresh, even if the newcomers are unbalanced most of the time. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a pretty fun eSports game to dip your toes in, being very approachable despite having an incredibly high skill ceiling.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is going for $7.99 with a 60% discount on Steam.

1- South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the few game adaptations of the popular cartoon franchise that actually feel like on par with the source material, and that’s thanks to the deep involvement that Trey Parker and Matt Stone had with the project.

Stick of Truth is a really entertaining trip through South Park‘s Season 17 Game of Thrones parody, but it also happens to be an extremely competent turn-based RPG, even if it has a weird fascination with farts and gross-out humor.

Its sequel, The Fractured But Whole, tries to recapture some of its magic by using the show’s superhero arc, but unfortunately doesn’t come anywhere close. It’s safe to say that Stick of Truth is the best South Park game to have been made so far, and will most likely remain that way.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is going for $7.49 with a 75% discount on Steam.

The Ubisoft Publisher sale is running until February 29, 2024. You can view all the games and free demos available right here.

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