Tomb Raider series tops 88 million copies, despite Square Enix selling it off cheap

Tomb Raider series tops 88 million copies

We’ve learned the Tomb Raider series tops 88 million copies, news confirmed by soon-to-be new owner Embracer Group.

News that Embracer Group will purchase Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and Square Enix Montreal – Embracer revealed new sales figures for franchises they’ll soon own.

Earlier this week the Embracer group uploaded a video where key members of their organization discuss the benefits of the acquisition in mention.

A good deal of the discussion focuses on the benefits and popularity of the franchises themself however some interesting data was also revealed in the video, showing off the sales data of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises.

A timeline reveals the Tomb Raider series tops 88 million copies, with 38 million sales being from the reboot trilogy, which started in 2013’s Tomb Raider. It’s also worth noting the 53 million paid mobile downloads from the franchise.

Also revealed was new sales information from the Deus Ex franchise, which boasted over 12 million units sold and 2 million paid mobile downloads (with Deus Ex: The Fall and Deus Ex: Go).

It’s worth noting as well that in this video the Embracer Group mentions how excited they are to have some beloved franchises such as Thief and the Legacy Of Kain series, alongside the upcoming new Tomb Raider game.

So with all the success these franchises have seen – why is Square Enix selling them off so cheaply? Embracer Group’s new purchase brings many popular video game franchises with a total price for all three studios was $300 million.

To compare, Embracer Group paid more than double that for just buying smartphone game studio, Easybrain. A total for just that studio was $640 million, which Embracer paid for up front like they’re promising to do with the Square Enix studios.

Speculation has been bubbling since the announcement of the Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and Square Enix Montreal selloff.

Square Enix has gone on the record to say while the Tomb Raider series tops 88 million copies, Final Fantasy XIV is largely to thank for their booming profits recently, while most of their western AAA games have performed poorly.

Thus, it’s easy to speculate that Square Enix is simply trying to sell off dead weight, studios that cost a lot of money but aren’t performing as well as their internal Japanese studios – or their related third party partners working on more nostalgia cash-ins.

So what do you make of this? Do the sales figures surprise you? Are they higher or lower than you thought? Also, which IP would you like Embracer Group to bring back from the grave? Let us know in the comments down below!

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