Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Schedule Announced; Square Enix, Capcom, Resident Evil Village, and More!

Tokyo Game Show

The schedule for Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online has been announced; featuring news from Square Enix and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village.

The physical event had been cancelled in May of this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time it was announced that the event would continue in a digital format, and was later announced it would run from September 24th to September 27th.

Now, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) have shared the event’s streaming schedule [1, 2]. All times on the schedule are in JST. You can find the schedule converted to PDT below.

September 24th

07:00 a.m. PT – Opening
08:00 a.m. PT – Microsoft Japan
09:00 a.m. PT – Square Enix
10:00 a.m. PT – Lightning Games
07:00 p.m. PT –  Organizer’s Program
08:00 p.m. PT – Gamera Game
09:00 p.m. PT – Huawei Technologies Japan
10:00 p.m. PT – Renaissance high school group
11:00 p.m. PT – SoftBank

September 25th

00:00 a.m. PT – Lilith Games
01:00 a.m. PT – BenQ Japan, Sense of Wonder Night 2020
02:00 a.m. PT – DMM Games
03:00 a.m. PT – Keynote
04:00 a.m. PT – Sega/Atlus
05:00 a.m. PT – GungHo Online Entertainment
06:00 a.m. PT – Capcom
07:00 a.m. PT – Mouse Computer, Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Part 1 – Opener
08:00 a.m. PT – Efun
09:00 a.m. PT – Fujitsu Connected Technologies
06:00 p.m. PT – Organizer’s Program
07:00 p.m. PT – D3 Publisher
08:00 p.m. PT – Happinet
09:00 p.m. PT – Japan Game Awards : 2020 Amateur Division
10:00 p.m. PT – Spike Chunsoft
10:00 p.m. PT – LEVEL-5

September 26th

01:00 a.m. PT – GREE
02:00 a.m. PT – Cygames, Puzzle & Dragons Champions Cup TGS2020 Online
03:00 a.m. PT – Japan Game Awards : 2020 Day 1
04:00 a.m. PT – Konami
05:00 a.m. PT – Koei Tecmo Games, Magic: The Gathering Arena “The First Modern Trading Card Game with VTuber Nijisanji / Pro Gamers”
07:00 a.m. PT – I-O Data Device
08:00 a.m. PT – Tencent Games
06:00 p.m. PT – Organizer’s Program
07:00 p.m. PT – LINEKONG
08:00 p.m. PT – Japan Electronics College
09:00 p.m. PT – AQUA, Japan Game Awards : 2020 U18 Division
10:00 p.m. PT – AKRacing
11:00 p.m. PT – Koei Tecmo Games

September 27th

00:00 a.m. PT – Konami
01:00 a.m. PT – Bandai Namco Entertainment
03:00 a.m. PT- Japan Game Awards : 2020 Day 2, Red Bull Untapped Japan Qualifier by Magic: The Gathering Arena
04:00 a.m. PT – KLab Games
05:00 a.m. PT – miHoYo
06:00 a.m. PT – PUBG
08:00 a.m. PT – Ending

Microsoft Japan being the first company to present at the show is likely an attempt to push the Xbox Series X in Japan. Xbox have been attempting to break into the Japanese market since its inception.

Market research company IDC stated (via CNBC) that as of 2019 only 0.3% of Xbox One global sales are made in Japan. Considering the other two of the “Big Three” are Japanese companies- Nintendo and PlayStation- this is hardly a surprise.

Famitsu reported in 2018 that the Xbox One sold an estimated 15,339 units over that year, and 102,931 since launch by that point. For comparison, the Nintendo Switch had sold an estimated 3,482,388 units that year (6,889,546 cumulatively), while the PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 1,695,227 units (7,552,090 cumulatively).

Other highlights include Square Enix, who released their lineup. Along with finally getting another look at Babylon’s Fall, we are likely to see more footage and information on Marvel’s Avengers, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, Balan Wonderland, and Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition.

There are also a few “Coming Soon” slots in their schedule. While DualShockers reported the discovery of supposed official Twitter accounts for Final Fantasy XVI, they note the Twitter usernames did not use roman numerals as other Final Fantasy Twitter accounts had. The absent slots may include existing games, such as NieR Replicant or Bravely Default 2.

Capcom also announced their line up would include more information on Resident Evil Village (or “VIIIage” to evoke Resident Evil VIII). Capcom will also be hosting their own TGS Live presentation on September 26th and 27th (both 5 a.m. PT to 8 a.m. PT). Their line up so far only shows Resident Evil Village and Street Fighter V Champion Edition, so we imaging there may be a few surprises.

We will bring you the latest news from the event as it develops.

Image: Tokyo Game Show official website

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