Tokyo Dark: Remembrance Heads to Switch on November 7

Horror/mystery/puzzle visual novel Tokyo Dark is heading to Nintendo Switch as Tokyo Dark: Remembrance.

This new edition will also feature new content, endings, and redone art. Animated sequences will be done by Graphnica (who have done work for Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hellsing Ultimate).

You can find the full run-down below:

“Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – expands the gripping story of the original Tokyo Dark with updated and additional content as well as new endings.

Detective Itō Ayami hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since the horrifying occurrences leading to her partner’s disappearance. Haunted by eerie images of a young girl and red marks painted all over town, she must fight the mysterious, dark power threatening her sanity on her mission to reunite with her lost colleague.

Every action impacts the storyline, thanks to the S.P.I.N. (Sanity, Professionalism, Investigation, Neurosis) system. Stay cool to gain Professionalism and help from coworkers. Drink on the job to cope with the ghastly images threatening Ayami’s Sanity. Stuck on a puzzle? Wandering around too much can raise the Neurosis stat. Everything Itō does can open new doors or cut her off from other options down the line, affecting the availability of more than 10 possible endings.

Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – features animated sequences from Graphnica, the studio responsible for scenes in Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hellsing Ultimate and more. Accented by a sinister soundtrack, eye-catching graphics inspired by real locations in Tokyo, propelled by Japanese mythology as well as urban myths, and tempered by the cultural influences of an international development team, Tokyo Dark – Remembrance – presents a compelling story that’s hard to shake once it takes hold.”

Tokyo Dark is available now on Windows PC (via Steam). Tokyo Dark: Remembrance will launch November 7th on Nintendo Switch, and 2019 on PlayStation 4.

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