Today is Suikoden Day!

suikoden ii

While us Americans consider 7/11 the day to get free slurpees at 7/11 convenience stores, the Suikoden Revival Movement has made 7/11 into the day to remember and celebrate the Suikoden franchise. For those of you who haven’t played a game in the series, Suikoden is a RPG franchise by Konami that is centered around recruiting an army of heroes, mercenaries, specialists and so on – to help overthrow an oppressive or corrupt power.

That’s an extremely generalized description of the games, they’re way much more than that. I have so many fond memories of Suikoden, namely Suikoden I and II. Suikoden I and II are easily the two greatest role playing games I have ever played. Suikoden II sits atop one of my most favorite games of all time list. I still own original copies of all of the games, including Suikoden II.

To this day I’m scared to take out my copy of Suikoden II because I cherish it so much. I really wish Konami would come around and finally port that amazing classic to the Playstation Network so I can play it again, as well as get new players to finally experience the RPG every RPG fan should play at least once.

Please help spread the word about how amazing the Suikoden games are, try to help convince Konami to listen to their fans to hopefully bring back this franchise. Now that I’ve gushed enough about the franchise, I’m going to go back to listening to the amazing soundtrack to Suikoden II ;)


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