TL CoreJJ Interview after Team Liquid 3-1 win over EG

TL CoreJJ Interview After 3-1 Win over EG

TL CoreJJ Interview after Team Liquid’s 3-1 win over Evil Geniuses

Last week, the LCS Summer Split 2023 playoffs intensified with the Lower Bracket fighting for their chance to make the Summer Split finals but also chart their course to the League of Legends World Championship in South Korea. In the Lower  Bracket, Team Dignitas looked to upset the number 2 seed Golden Guardians after Golden Guardians lost shockingly 3 to 1 to NRG. After a shocking Game 5 win, against TSM the week prior, Team Dignitas looked to keep their playoff run alive against Golden Guardians.

On the other side of the lower bracket, Team Liquid looked to keep their playoff dreams alive fighting against the cleanly swept Evil Geniuses; in the prior week, EG lost to Cloud 9 within three games. Meanwhile, Team Liquid had a strong series of matches against 100 Thieves to advance to the Lower Bracket 2nd round. If TL or EG won, they would go on to face the Winner of Golden Guardians Vs Dignitas. No matter what, each of the winning teams in the Lower Brack would have to play two games throughout the weekend in order to make it to the LCS Summer Finals.

TL Vs EG Results

In the first series of the LCS Summer Split 2023 playoffs, Team Liquid faced off against Evil Geniuses. In Game 1, Team Liquid’s Summit controlled the game TL Summit going 9-0 on Jax. In game 2 of the series, EG took away Summit’s JAX; to counteract the pick, TL picked K’Sante. Additionally, they were able to draft the highly sought-after Ziggs Tristana combo; game 2 ended in a quick 21:09 TL win. In Game 3, Evil Geniuses looked to keep their playoffs dreams alive and not face a 3-0 series loss for the second week in a row.

In Game 3, Team Liquid banned Renekton, Rell, and Rakan whom Evil Geniuses liked to play; on the other side, Evil Geniuses banned Ziggs, Jax, and Rumble whom Team Liquid liked to play. Game 3 was a less bloody match with a solid team might by EG mid to give EG the advantage. Once TL was low, EG looked to secure Baron. Attempting to prevent Baron, Summit and APA approached from the top side jungle, while Yeon and Core JJ came from mid. Separated, EG was able to catch out APA and Summit after previously catching out Pyosik. With a strong win in Game 3, it looked like we could head to having Game 5 decide the series.

In Game 4, Team Liquid kept their bans exactly the same while EG decided to change things up a bit. In addition to new bans, new champions were used. Rather than sticking with what previously worked, EG changed up their strategy and this would ultimately be their downfall. Pyosik’s Viego and Yeon’s Tristana would ultimately carry the game and eliminate Evil Geniuses.

After the series, we got to speak with Team Liquid’s Support TL CoreJJ.

TL CoreJJ Interview

How are you feeling after the series win?

TL CoreJJ – I feel happy that we still have a game to play. We always want to prove ourselves and it is good to have a chance.

In the series, you had a 2-0 lead against Evil Geniuses in which game 2 looked very dominating. In game 3, it kind of looked like they were able to get their composure. Before going into game 3, how did you guys feel? After game 3, how did you feel?

TL CoreJJ – After Game 2, we felt very confident that we are a better team than the enemy team. We changed things a little bit but it didn’t work really well so we changed it back.

You mentioned changing it back, what was kind of the discussion around that?

TL CoreJJ – We highly prioritized the Tristana and when we gave it to them, it was pretty annoying. So we decided to take it back again.

Out of the teams that are left, which team would you like to face in the next round of playoffs?

TL CoreJJ – Honestly, I don’t care which team we will face. We were doing well against both teams in scrims so we are confident we can win against whatever team we play against.

For the NRG vs Cloud 9 series, which of those two would you like to face?

TL CoreJJ – We realized that NRG was actually a really good team. They look well coordinated. As a team, they do well but individually not. So I am excited to see who is going to win there.

The analysts stated that the winner of the next round would make it to Worlds. You have been to Worlds. You’ve played on the biggest stage and won with Samsung Galaxy. As a player who has won it and gone to Worlds, what is your mindset with trying to go back?

TL CoreJJ – Worlds is the place where I can prove myself and show that I am the best. That I am still good. Because I didn’t attend last year, I really want to prove myself again. I need to show everyone and make a statement.

When you switched from Team Dignitas to LCK, what was kind of the process, and how did you feel?

TL CoreJJ – When I went back. I didn’t get the chance to resign with Team Dignitas, so there was no contract extension. At that point, Samsung Coach Edgar thought I was good so I got a chance to play in the LCK.

If you want to learn more about Team Liquid’s Support CoreJJ you can watch the full interview down below. In the rest of the interview, we discuss how Core JJ got into League of Legends, time with the game, his favorite things, inspirations, and much more.

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