tinyBuild has Acquired Versus Evil and Red Cerberus Subsidiary

tinyBuild has Acquired Versus Evil

The up-and-coming indie publisher tinyBuild has acquired Versus Evil, alongside the news the new acquisition brings their QA-focused subsidiary Red Cerberus as well.

While tinyBuild has acquired Versus Evil, the latter will continue to act independently from the former as a publishing label, while also expanding tinyBuild’s ability to publish new titles and work on various intellectual properties.

The initial offer being considered with the acquisition is $12.5 million in cash and deferred payments over the subsequent three calendar years, which will be concluded with new issued tinyBuild shares of up to $18.8 million. A maximum total being considered is $31.3 million in cash.

Further mentioned in the new announcement is that tinyBuild is looking to expand into new genres they haven’t really dabbled in before, like RPGs and strategy games, which Versus Evil tends to focus on.

Lastly, the new acquisition adds over 250 staff from Versus Evil to tinyBuild’s pool of talent, bringing their total number of staff to over 400 staff in total.

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