Time To Revisit Vvardenfell: Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Released

If you’ve been looking for a reason to reinstall Morrowind, or you already have it installed and want a reason to roll a new character, you should know that a new version of the popular balancing and content mod for Bethesda’s third Elder Scrolls title, Morrowind Rebirth, has just been released.

This new 3.6 version of the mod is, according to its release notes, one of the largest such updates it has received. That’s not hard to believe, given the gargantuan list of changes in the mod’s release notes.

Morrowind Rebirth is often compared to Morrowind Overhaul, another popular modification for the 14 year old game. While Overhaul is mainly a sound and graphics improvement, Rebirth is instead meant to be a content and play balancing mod. Rebirth does modify the visuals to a certain extent, but purists who don’t want the game’s difficulty touched or new NPCs and larger towns to change the base Morrowind experience may find its changes to be a bit severe. For the rest of us, Rebirth is an excellent reason to go through the game again. Especially since saves tend not to carry over from one version of the mod to the next.

Users curious as to how to install both mods without any overlapping or glitches can find instructions here.

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