Throwback Mecha Action Game Stardust Vanguards Launches for PS4 on January 19, 2016


Plucked straight from the wonderful mecha anime of Gundam Wing and Robotech, Team Zanrai has announced the release date for Stardust Vanguards on PlayStation 4.

The game will be launching for PlayStation 4 on January 19th, 2016.

While the game is not to be confused with Housemarque’s Super Stardust games, puts players in an interstellar war deep in the depths of space. With a focus on local couch-multiplayer, players will take to their mechs to defeat each other, as well as armies of space pilots, in several frenzied and varied environments.

The game features frantic space battles with fast-paced game play, as well as a random-event system, in mind. Players will have boosters, blades, and a laser machine gun with limited ammunition. At any given moment, players will need to defeat armies of space pirates, protect convoys, destroy capital ships, and a variety of other random scenarios.

The two man studio, Team Zunrai, originally built the game for PC, Mac, and Linux.



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