THQ Nordic Surprise Releases Updated Version of Titan Quest, Free For Previous Owners


THQ Nordic has just surprisingly released Titan Quest Anniversary Edition on Steam.

This updated version of Titan Quest contains both the base game and the expansion, and it will be free for Steam owners of the older games. The game has been completely reworked in terms of AI, multiplayer and several other aspects, stacking up to 1200 changes and fixes.

On the post about the release, THQ Nordic states:

Before someone comes around asking why we give our games out for free (or almost for free if you want), here’s a quick explanation: After our name change from “Nordic Games” to “THQ Nordic”, we wanted a running start for our new identity and had to think about how to begin the new era with the most positive connotation possible (for a publisher).

So, many months ago, we had a conversation in our marketing department which went something like this:

“Guys, what can we do to make people like us and stay with our brands?”
“Easy, we just have to be grateful. Remember, without them, we would be nothing.”
“And how should we show gratitude?”
“Free stuff… I guess. Everyone likes free stuff.”
“Well then, give them free stuff, for f***’s sake”

So, that’s basically where we are now.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is now available on Steam.

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