Comedy RPG This Way Madness Lies gets PS5 port

This Way Madness Lies

Magical girl comedy RPG This Way Madness Lies will be landing on the PlayStation 5 soon.

The PlayStation 5 version is now available today, September 12th. This Way Madness Lies has been available on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement below:

This Way Madness Lies, Zeboyd’s latest game in a long line of beloved games, is a critically acclaimed turn-based comedy JRPG. It has an 89% on Metacritic (Switch ver), an Open Critic score of 86% Top Critic Average with 92% Critics Recommend, and a 95% positive user rating on Steam.

Let us begin our tale, in the quiet city of Verona, Italy. A town for lovers… and giant, mutant flower attacks…

Join Imogen and her friends on an epic adventure throughout the Shakespearean metaverse!

  • Unique, turn-based combat!
  • Multi-character unite abilities!
  • Pacing that doesn’t waste your time!
  • Hang out with your friends!
  • Put on plays!
  • Get a pet!
  • Shakespearean dialogue too difficult to parse? No problem with our unique, patented Ye Olde English to New English translator! 110% accurate!
  • Counts as a Shakespeare course at all Miskatonic Universities
  • Teaches you while you learn!


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