This Marine Recon Sniper is Creating a New Breed of RTS, Filled with Zombies

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Thad David is not only a video game enthusiast and developer, he’s also a veteran Marine recon sniper – after having seen his share of action he’s looking to take a totally new approach to real time strategy games, especially ones that you’ve seen on mobile devices. Generally speaking, most so called strategy games on mobile devices have to be tuned down to compensate for the lack of a mouse and keyboard, or perhaps even for the complexity that the games are usually known for. That’s not what Thad is going for, and you’ll see why in a moment.

Zombie Company Crusade is his kickstarter funded game, and it’s set to blend both military RTS themes and mechanics with a post apocalyptic setting filled with both zombies and desperate survivors. You’ll be fighting not just hordes of the undead, but also living humans that are looking to take what you’ve built, or possibly just to burn it to the ground out of spite. Your story starts in Australia where your transport crash lands, leaving you to fend for yourself with barely any supplies to start with.

Check out their kickstarter pitch below:

You can see some gameplay for the title around the one minute mark, and as expected Zombie Company Crusade plays out from an isometric perspective. The visuals are definitely giving me that Command & Conquer vibe, and you’ll get to see several different style base layouts. If you think the game looks like a traditional 2D game with pre-rendered sprites, you’ll be sorely mistaken as later in the gameplay the perspective zooms in a bit to show off more of the unit details.

Strategically placing your buildings, vehicles, and troops will be crucial to your victory as enemies can come from any direction, and even from the air. There will be a robust single player campaign coming alongside various multiplayer options. The single player campaign will task you with taking control of the entire continent of Australia before you can leave its shores for greater regions and resources. You’ll even have the ability to just randomly send off a raid to your friend’s base, at no risk of losing resources or units.

If Zombie Company Crusade seems like your mobile RTS dream come true, head on over to their kickstarter page to pledge.

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