This is A Story About My Uncle

A Story About My Uncle is a beautiful first-person platform adventure game.  The game is being created and developed by Swedish based companies Gone North Games and Coffee Stain Studios.

The game is told as a bed time story where a father is telling his daughter about his Uncle Fred.  Uncle Fred was an inventor and always went on amazing adventures that the father always dreamed about going on.

One day Uncle Fred mysteriously disappears.  With help of his Uncle’s inventions, the boy sets out into a beautiful underground cave.

Astoryaboutmyuncle 4-24-204 lands

The boy searches deeper and deeper trying to find clues on his Uncle Fred’s disappearance.  As the boy goes further into the cave he starts to meet fantastical creatures.

The cave is extravagant and beautiful, but the deeper the player goes the more mysterious Uncle Fred’s disappearance becomes.

Astoryaboutmyuncle 4-24-204 mountains

There still is not a lot of information on A Story About My Uncle, but the gameplay videos and artwork look amazing.

As the developers release more info we will continue to bring reviews, previews, and updates, so check back for more.  In the meantime, you can also visit Gone North Games or Coffee Stain Studios official websites.

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