This Game was Supposed to Release 20 Years Ago. It’s Finally Coming Now.

1993 space machine ss 1

Here’s a game for all you hipsters to clamor over—1993 is a game that was supposed to release on the Amiga twenty years ago, in the same year as the game’s title. The studio bringing this game to shmup fans of today made sure to point out that this is true retro, not a brand new game made in the retro style.

1993 was developed by four teens in Sweden, and it’s now being brought to PC by the developer Modesty. One of the creators, Krister Karlsson, noted that the only change they’ve made to the game is the new engine and the new title.

The name 1993 was actually adopted to celebrate its lineage, as the original name was hard to remember and was constantly being made fun of. The inspirations for 1993 are R-Type, Gradius, Xenon II, and many other classic shmups.

Check out 1993Space Machine in action below:

In the game, you fight through hordes of enemies across five worlds. There are twelve playable ships, seven bosses, and 25 weapons (each with three levels of power).

1993 is on Steam Greenlight, and it also has an indiegogo campaign to help fund its current-generation development, so please check both of those out as well.

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