This Figurine of Fran from Final Fantasy XII has Eye-Popping Butt-plates

final fantasy xiii 05-19-14-1

Square Enix has made a name for itself in the figurine market with its Play Arts Kai series of posable and realistic figures from various games, comics, and so on. Despite having loads of their various Final Fantasy characters converted into Play Arts figures, two female characters still haven’t gotten the treatement – until now.

Revealed in a tweet by Square Enix merchandise manager Hidei Matsuzaka, we’ve gotten a look at the upcoming Fran and Tifa figurines, the former being from Final Fantasy XII and the latter being from Final Fantasy VII, although Tifa’s figurine is based off her Advent Children attire. Here’s another shot of the Fran figurine that is sure to make a few people have nosebleeds:

final fantasy xiii 05-19-14-2

Yep, butt-plates. I warned you in the title of this article, and yet you still came to look at them.

For a more tame approach, check out Tifa’s figurine:

final fantasy vii 05-19-14-1 final fantasy vii 05-19-14-2

Matsuzaka and Play Arts Kai haven’t confirmed a release date for when you can get your very own butt plate wearing Fran model (or Tifa if that’s your kind of thing), but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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