This EVE Online Trailer is Completely Awesome, and Filled with Fandom

CCP Games have released a new trailer for EVE Online‘s upcoming patch.

Featured above, the new trailer was made from a combination of fan submissions featuring a multitude of different scenarios, both combat and explorative in nature. The actual poll was made over on their official forums, in which they asked their fans to send them their best audio recordings from in-game.

Naturally, they couldn’t just go half-hearted with some stale gameplay from the game, so they got their professional cinematic producers to craft up quite the spectacle, which is pretty close to what the actual game is like. The goal of the trailer is to give people who don’t play the game a sense of what it truly is like to get into the pilot’s seat, in EVE.

Eve Online’s latest update goes live next month, on December 9th.



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