This edible headcrab is delicious and disturbing

Crowbar Collective, the developers behind Black Mesa, hosted a Valentine’s Day Baking Contest and what could be more fitting than a a headcrab?

The winner of the baking contest was “╲⎝⧹Astraea⧸⎠╱#7019” whose Cranberry Cloud Bread Headcrab looks just as likely to eat you as you are to eat it.

The confection is completed by cranberry blood over the headcrab’s mouth after likely munching on its Valentine’s date:

Black Mesa Valentine's Day Headcrab Astraea

Other winners include a chocolate heart with a crowbar through it and some Black Mesa stained glass cookies.

For those not in the know, Black Mesa is a fan-made reimagining of Half-Life and is officially approved by Valve.

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