This Chinese Knock-Off Features Anthropomorphized Pokemon

Pocket Union Online (口袋联盟 in Chinese) is a Chinese mobile game that is highly similar to a pretty well-known Nintendo franchise – Pokemon.

Featured above, you can view a recording of the game – which showcases the three core mechanics: capture, grow, and fight (which is actually the game’s main tagline).

Sounds quite similar, eh? While some of the anthropomorphized Pokemon are easy to spot (like the female Mewtwo), others aren’t as obvious.

You can compare some of the original Pokemon, to their anthropomorphized Chinese versions, below:

It definitely feels kind of silly to even see a legally (at least in China) published game, featuring such designs that would probably make the Nintendo lawyers squeal with glee.

The coin acquire sound (in a stage, not in battle) even sounds like the coin noise from the older Super Mario titles. You can even see the use of Pokeballs (literally) in the game, and on its official website and/or art, or a literal Charmander keychain on its human form’s belt.

The game itself, as a mobile game, seems to feature quite respectable production quality. The character art is superb, while the animations and battle mechanics look fun at least. A bunch of the characters (or Pokemon?) are even voiced, both in battle and outside of battle.

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