These Moving Screenshots of Banished are Downright Mesmerizing

banished ss 2

Did you know Banished is coming next month? If not, I hope you’re as excited as I am, because that game is not only extremely promising looking in terms of mechanics, but it’s simply gorgeous in motion. The game has been in development for roughly three years now by the team at Shining Rock Software, it’s really starting to (I’m sorry) shine now.

In a recent blog post, game creator Luke Hodorowicz talked about a bunch of progress made that morning, and how he stopped to just marvel at the game in motion. Each villager has their own life, their own day to day activities, and as the seasons went by he thought of just capturing some live footage as “moving screenshots.”

You can view the moving screenshots gameplay below:

Honestly I think the game is absolutely mesmerizing to look at in motion, and am totally excited to finally be able to play it next month.

Banished is set to release on Steam on February 18th.

Brandon Orselli


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