The Witcher Season 3 Scripts are Nearly Done

The Witcher Season 3 Scripts are Nearly Done

Now that Netflix’s The Witcher has finally launched its second season, they’ve announced that The Witcher season 3 scripts are nearly done.

The news that The Witcher season 3 scripts are nearly done comes via showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (via Techradar), who talked up the new release of the shows second season.

“We’re almost done with the scripting phase, and it’s amazing,” Hissrich said. “I’m really thrilled with how the season is shaping up because it’s based on my favorite book in the saga, which is The Time of Contempt.”

It’s worth pointing out that the Time of Contempt is the second novel from the original Witcher novels, by Andrzej Sapkowski. The first novel and various other stories made up the inspiration for the first two seasons, as they’re purportedly based on the novels and not CD Projekt’s video game adaptations.

“I feel like seasons 1 and 2 have been laying the playing field for everything huge that’s about to happen,” Hissrich explained. “But the creative process is now really just starting. We have the scripts, and now we’ll bring directors on, the actors back in, and really start delving in deeper and reflecting back and making sure that it’s the perfect season.”

The Witcher’s first and second seasons are both available to stream now, via Netflix.

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