The Witcher Remake removing things that are “outdated”

The Witcher Remake

It seems the remake for the original The Witcher game is getting “updated for modern audiences”, as developer Fool’s Theory is removing parts of the game that are now considered “outdated”.

Fool’s Theory CEO Jakub Rokosz was quoted as saying the development team responsible for the remake will remove parts that are now “simply bad, outdated, or unnecessarily convoluted”.

It wasn’t mentioned specifically what will be removed or changed, but some believe that the game will have “controversial” or “offensive” things removed.

This could include things such as the trading cards gotten every time the player manages to sleep with a female character. Case in point, website The Gamer absurdly claimed the mechanic to be “misogynistic”.

Karol Kowalczyk, one of the individuals who came up with the mechanic, didn’t have positive words for it in the modern day, further alluding to its possible removal.

That being said, the first The Witcher game was known to have really awkward and strange combat mechanics that were never seen again in the franchise, so it’s possible this system will be overhauled in some fashion as well.

Game developers are commonly removing “offensive” things in modern remakes nowadays for the sake of acquiring ESG money, so it’s not unlikely that “moral” changes will be made for this effort.

Not much is actually known about The Witcher remake – not its development platforms nor a release window, read up on it here.

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