Romantic VN The witch of the Ihanashi gets console ports

The witch of the Ihanashi

Publisher Kemco has announced console ports for The witch of the Ihanashi this month in Japan.

The romantic visual novel is coming to Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 in Japan on April 28th. Preorders are now available on the Switch eShop and the PlayStation Store.

Co-developed by Fragaria and Seikei Production, The witch of the Ihanashi has been available for Windows PC (via Steam, DLSite, etc).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

This tiny island is our island to live on. A romantic comedy x fantasy novel adventure that was well-received in the PC version is now available!


Hikaru Nishime, who lost his parents when he was very young, was told by his aunt to live with his grandfather in the spring of his first year of high school. He took a ferry alone to a remote island in Okinawa called “Watayojishima” with a population of less than 1,000 people. With anxiety in his heart, he visits his grandfather’s house, only to find that his grandfather has moved overseas.

He tried to contact his aunt to ask her about the situation, but he never heard from her. Hikaru is told that there is no student named Hikaru Nishime at the high school to which he has been transferred.

Hikaru was abandoned by his aunt and her family. At a loss, he wanders through the sugar cane fields at night. There he meets a girl named Riru, who is dressed in a mysterious costume.

Hikaru is a former high school freshman with no self-sufficiency. Lilou, who does not care for Japanese common sense.

The two cooperate with each other and live on a small island. However, Riryu has her own purpose for coming to Toyotoki Island…

Special Content

In addition to some setting materials implemented in the PC version, the novel included in the booklet “Append” distributed at Comic Market 101 is included in game-specific e-book format. *Description by the manufacturer.

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