The White March Expansion Announced For Pillars Of Eternity

Though we already knew Obsidian was planning expasnion packs for their Kickstarter-funded CRPG Pillars of Eternity, the official announcement of its existence, as well as a short video, was shown to the public during last night’s E3 PC Gaming Show.

The expansion, which goes by the name “The White March”, will address two of the main game’s weakest areas by increasing the admittedly low level cap as well as adding more NPCs to recruit. Though we know nothing more than what is said in the video, Obsidian seems committed to supporting the game:

    “The White March: Part 1,” will extend the story and experience of Pillars of Eternity, as well as adding a higher level cap, new abilities, new companions, and more to the game. The expansion, originally offered as a pledge add-on during the game’s incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, was revealed by Obsidian and Paradox at E3, and will be coming soon for Windows, Max, and Linux PC.
    “Fans’ response to Pillars of Eternity has been incredible,” said Feargus Urquhart, CEO ofObsidian Entertainment. “We knew, when we started work on the game following our crowdfunding campaign, that we had the potential to create the kind of game we’d wanted to see again for a long time. Evidently, we weren’t alone in that. With The White March, we’re going to ensure that we live up to the praise we’ve received and the faith our fans have placed in us.”

No concrete date was announced, but it was said that this will be the first of two such expansions to the base game.

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