The Westport Independent: A Censorship Simulator


Coming from 0010 Studios and getting a release later this year from Bossa Games is The Westport Independent, a censorship sim vaguely reminiscent of the wildly successful Papers, Please. Played from the perspective of a newspaper editor, you get free reign in hiring staff, setting agendas, and spinning stories:

The game certainly echoes a classic film-noir vibe, and looks to be teeming with atmosphere. Here’s a quick taste of the game-world, courtesy of 0010:


Welcome to the city of Westport. A city of love and hate, wealth and poverty, lawfulness and criminality. A home for liars, politicians and rioters. A place where everyone has a home, be it the finest of gents or the lowest of rats. It’s in this city that The Westport Independent takes place. As part of the mass media, the people of Westport will look to you for the truth. And that’s what you’ll give them – Though it might be a slightly altered version of it.


If that brief taste isn’t enticing enough to unleash your inner Ben Kuchera, take a gander at this other selection from their IndieDB page:

All newspapers need journalists, and The Westport Independent is no different. You may be the chief editor of your newspaper, but your paper will be nothing without your writers. This team of writers will be the ones who transcribe your edited articles, but they also have their opinions on what should be printed. They also have their own families and lives to protect, so don’t blame them if they don’t want to follow you onto the Loyalists or the Rebels hit list.

The fantastically Orwellian game-play consists mainly of choosing whether or not to censor certain stories. Other key features are slated, including a diverse set of management options affecting the supply and demand of your publication, along with the more pedestrian fare of graft and bribery.

Check out the trailer here:



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