Nomadic city builder The Wandering Village hits early access in September

The Wandering Village

Stray Fawn Studio have announced the early access launch date for their nomadic city builder, The Wandering Village.

The Wandering Village is finally hitting early access for Windows PC via Steam on September 14th, a few years after its Kickstarter. It will also come to Xbox Game Preview in 2023.

In The Wandering Village, players must build a thriving settlement on the back of a giant turtle-like creature called Onbu. The planet has been taken over by strange plants that emit toxic fumes, forcing Onbu and your villagers to seek a new place to live.

Balance the needs of your villagers with the health of Onbu, creating a symbiotic relationship where both can thrive. Research new technologies, discover exotic biomes, and fend off raids by bloodsucking parasites and rampaging marauders.

You can find the launch trailer below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

The Wandering Village 

In a world where mysterious plants are spreading all over the earth, emitting toxic spores as they grow, a small group of survivors seeks shelter on the back of a giant, wandering creature they call ‘Onbu’.
Become their leader, build their settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the creature to survive together in this hostile, yet beautiful post-apocalyptic world that now surrounds you.


  • Build your village – A functioning village is the basis of your survival. Build your settlement and expand it over the creature’s back. Plan production chains and optimize them to utilize the limited space as efficiently as possible. Create a society that can overcome any challenge.
  • Live on the creature’s back – Living on the back of another organism comes with its own set of challenges. Will you live in symbiosis, bond with the creature and survive on mutual trust? Or will you become a parasite, only aiming to ensure a better life for your villagers? The choice is yours.
  • Discover different biomes – Travel through a multitude of different biomes and adapt your village to their unique opportunities and threats. Scout your environments and send out foraging missions to gather rare resources and ancient artifacts.
  • Research new technologies – Remnants of the old world hold knowledge that has long been forgotten, but can be unearthed by your villagers. Find and research these technologies, but use them wisely, as progress can be a double-edged sword.
  • Survive the wastelands – Ensure the survival of both your villagers and your Onbu, even though poisonous spores, merciless weather, bloodsucking parasites and many more challenges mean that the odds are often stacked against you.


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