The Very First ATLUS Humble Bundle

zeno clash ss 1

Atlus announced that a couple of their titles will be available in this weeks humble bundle.  If you aren’t familiar with the humble bundle, it basically gives you a chance to get a lot of games for a little amount of money.  You can get up to four titles for only $1 and you unlock two extra title if you donate at least $6.

The cool thing is, you can pay whatever you want and you even get to chose where the money goes.  You can pick if it goes to the developers, charity, or any combination of the two.  It’s and interesting concept and a great chance to get people to play games that they would otherwise never look twice at.  It’s also a great chance for various developers to get their names out.

The Atlus games that will be included this week are Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash II, and Rock of Ages.  So head on over and check them out if you are interested.

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