The SteamBoy is a Gaming Handheld After My Own Heart

At the very tail end of this year’s E3 convention, we caught wind of a new piece of gaming hardware that could definitely carve out its own niche.

Featured above, you can get a teaser at the SteamBoy, a new gaming handheld that will run off the SteamOS and let you play the majority of games from your Steam library. Developed by a third party, the tentative specs we have so far (via the Escapist) are a quad core GPU, 4GM of RAM, 32GB of built in memory, and a 5″ 16:9 touchscreen.

steamboy 06-14-14-2

I can’t help feeling like the mock up is a mix of the Playstation Vita and the Steam Controller, also coming with eight face buttons, two touchpads, four triggers, and even two buttons on the rear of the device.

“SteamBoy won’t be as powerful as other announced Steam Machines in the same way [the] Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita performance is not comparable to Wii U or PlayStation 4,” a SteamBoy rep said to the Escapist via email. “However, it will be possible to play the majority of current games in Steam.”

steamboy 06-14-14-3 steamboy 06-14-14-4

Not much else was revealed for the SteamBoy, as the device is still clearly in the pre-production phases. It’s going to be really interesting if they can hold onto that name (legally), and if they can really nail the hardware.

The SteamBoy is reportedly set for a 2015 release (for the standard edition), and it will come with support for both wifi connectivity and 3G networks.

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