The Simpsons Family Are Coming to Minecraft

minecraft simpsons dlc 2015-01-16

So this is what Microsoft had in mind when it bought Mojang and Minecraft from Notch. After licensing Minecraft to TellTale Games for a Story Mode, Microsoft is expanding the blocky empire by including characters from the most successful cartoon ever, The Simpsons.

The DLC, which will cost $2 and be exclusive to the Xbox One and 360 versions of Minecraft, will launch in late February. It will include character skins for the Simpsons family, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, and an additional 19 characters from Springfield Elementary School.

The deal makes sense. Twentieth Century Fox’s cartoon has been struggling for years, and has been threatened with cancellation several times. Getting people who might not even know about the show interested in it would help to increase its flagging viewer numbers and bring in a younger demographic.

It also makes sense that the Simpsons DLC would be exclusive to Xbox consoles, now that Microsoft owns the rights to Minecraft. Will the content reach other platforms eventually, too, as the Skyrim DLC did, or is that era over?

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