The Quinnspiracy Continues – Vivian James Indiegogo is Reportedly Hacked

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If you’ve been following the recent incident with Zoe Quinn and have done any real investigating into the fiasco, you’d eventually find out that Zoe Quinn sabotaged a female game developer oriented game jam, only to launch her own fraudulent one later.

That game jam was hosted by The Fine Young Capitalists, which later carried on in an attempt to still prove that women can have innovative and fun ideas for games, via Indiegogo. The submissions were obviously restricted to only women, and the team at The Fine Young Capitalists would take care of all the rest.

Following the whole Zoe Quinn scandal, 4chan banded together and donated thousands of dollars to their Indiegogo, resulting in the acceptance of their character, Vivian James (pictured above). Vivian is an original character that The Young Fine Capitalists claim “embodies the ideals of the production” of the game itself.

To be clear, the game itself would have its profits split, and 8% percent of it will go to the woman who came up with the winning idea. The remaining money will go towards a charity that 4chan voted on, and the overwhelming majority chose The Colon Cancer Alliance, in an effort to “cure butthurt.”

This apparently pissed off a lot of people, despite the good-natured premise of the Indiegogo, the game, and Vivian Games altogether, because someone has reportedly hacked into their campaign and taken it offline.

So with their Indiegogo still offline, it makes you wonder who is truly behind these hacks. We’ll be talking about all of this in our podcast, which is airing later today.

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