The Quarry dev has been acquired by Nordisk Games

The Quarry

Nordisk Games have announced they have acquired full ownership of Supermassive Games, the developers known for Until Dawn and most recently, The Quarry. Previously the company had a 30.7% stake which was done back in March 2021.

“It’s been just over a year since we began working closely with the team at Nordisk Games and the experience and expertise they have brought, plus the additional resources that come from being part of a larger family of studios, have been clear,” said Pete Samuels, CEO of Supermassive Games.

He added, “I’m sure I can speak for everyone at Supermassive when I say that, having had such a positive experience over the past year, it wasn’t a difficult decision when Mikkel Weider, Markus Windelen, and the team at Nordisk Games wanted to explore increasing their investment. I’m excited about where this partnership will take us next.”

Nordisk Games also owns or hold stakes of other gaming developers aside from The Quarry studio. Some examples include Avalanche Studios Group, known for the Just Cause franchise and Mad Max video game adaptation.

They also own MercurySteam who are known for the Castlevania: Lord of Shadow titles, and helped in the development of Metroid Dread.

The addition of Supermassive Games will bolster Nordisk Games’ portfolio. As mentioned above, they have recently released The Quarry. They also have the season finale of their Dark Pictures Anthology, called The Devil in Me, is coming later this year.



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