“The Profit Taker” Update Now Live for Warframe: Fortuna

The latest update for Digital Extremes’ popular online game Warframe is now live.

Fortuna: The Profit Taker is a massive content injection that features a new boss fight, a new Warframe, new pets, new weapons, new mods, new cosmetic items, and more.

You can read the full notes here, and check out the latest trailer above. Here’s a brief rundown on the update:

Return to the Vallis, Tenno: We’re taking down our first Orb Mother. Wield your Archweapons to destroy the Profit-Taker — then walk the path of least resistance as Baruuk, the pacifist Warframe.

Here’s the score, Tenno: Nef has the entire Vallis on lockdown. Supply lines are cut off, and we can’t get anyone in or out of Fortuna. So we’re planning something big. Something dangerous.

We’re going to fight a massive, mechanical spider. An Orb Mother, to be precise. The Target: The Profit Taker. The Profit-Taker is perched atop the Enrichment Labs on the outskirts of Fortuna. It’s protected by Sentient overshield technology, making it invulnerable to weapons fire.

You can play Warframe for free on Windows PC (via Steam), PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. The new content is only on PC right now, and will be coming to consoles soon.



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