The Producer of Senran Kagura Wants to Make a Playstation 4 Game

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In an interview with 4Gamer, Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki had some interesting things to say when asked about whether or not he wanted to put the series on home consoles.

When asked about the possibility of making a a game for one of the current generation home consoles like the Playstation 4, Takaki-san replied:

“To be honest I’m very interested,” he replied with a laugh. He continued:

“It’s been a long time [since they were on home consoles], in regards to the games I’ve worked on, but I do think that home consoles really are the best for games. Coming from this, if there’s an opportunity for me to pursue that platform, I’d definitely take it. Now that we’ve seen new technology with cameras and augmented reality, there are tons of exciting things that can be developed.”

Lastly, 4Gamer also asked Takaki if he ever thought about putting his games onto smartphones. He responded”

“I personally like consoles, and I’ve always had a strong preference to want to make games for both the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, just like we’ve done so far.”

So are you guys excited about the potential for a new Senran Kagura game on the Playstation 4?

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