The Latest Game from NIS, The Princess is Money Hungry, Lets You Solve Problems With Cash

Nippon Ichi Software has recently unveiled a new action RPG for the PS Vita starring a princess with an insatiable penchant for money – The Princess is Money Hungry.

It’s all well and good for her though – after the collapse of an era where might ruled, capitalism has instead taken hold. Yet, even with this new background, the Demon King has arisen again and must be quelled. The princess is left to use money – which in this society can buy just about anything – to defeat the Demon King.

The game’s systems, unsurprisingly, revolve entirely around money. Dispatch an enemy, and you’ll get money. Strong enemies can be bought off with money. Maybe even the Demon King can be quelled with enough it? Oh – and you can even use money to strengthen the princess herself and learn new special attacks.

The Princess In Money Hungry releases in Japan on November 24th on PS Vita.



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