The Pathless Launches Holiday 2020

Giant Squid has revealed new gameplay and a release date for The Pathless during PlayStation’s State of Play livestream.

A hunter must use her eagle and a bow to fend off cursed spirits and the encroaching darkness. Players can slide and fly on their eagle while firing the bow, to strike talismans scattered across the land to keep the dash meter constantly full.

The eagle must petted to keep it clean magical dust off it, and keep it in good condition to continue flying. The overworld will also boast hidden crystals found via puzzles, which can be used to make the eagle soar higher. Ancient temples will also boast larger-scale puzzles.

Speaking of the overworld, there will also be no map. Players use a mask to see into the spirit world, and highlight landmarks and where the player has already been.

The cursed spirits will attempt to separate the player from their eagle. Players appear to need to sneak around them to avoid being seen. However, players can return light to obelisks to make them vulnerable to attacks. Players then chase them down for a final battle.

You can find the gameplay walkthrough below.

The Pathless launches Holiday 2020 for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Apple Arcade.



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