The Original Game Boy Turns 25 Today

Nintendo Gameboy

The Game Boy turns 25 today, a device that is almost as old as I am (two years younger). I have many fond memories playing that thing with it’s 160 × 144 LCD screen, and it’s singular 4-bit PCM speaker.

I even remember smashing my first one against my forehead when I raged against a dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, forcing me to ask my parents for a new one. To date, the handheld (and its successor the Game Boy Color) have sold over 118 million units worldwide, with the original Game Boy being available a mind boggling 14 years on the market. People even still make games for the thing, despite it’s extremely limited graphics and audio capabilities.

Reminiscing about the Game Boy reminded me that even as a young lad, I raged against video games. Happy birthday Game Boy!



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