The New SOMA ‘Lambda’ Trailer is a Look into the Crushing Black of the Deep Ocean

Frictional Games have released yet another eerie trailer for their upcoming survival horror game, SOMA. Featured above, you’ll notice something very different about this trailer, however, as it whisks you off to a completely new landscape, one that the game was not previously known for.

As per the trailer, we’ve learned that the world of SOMA is set deep below the surface of a yet to be confirmed ocean, on Earth. Clearly, this has been a little tidbit of information that Frictional has been keeping close to their chest, as the thought of being stuck within claustrophobia-inducing tunnels gets that much worse when you learn they’re also at the bottom of an ocean.

The creative director on SOMA, Thomas Grip, had this to say over on the PlayStation Blog:

“Most of our earth is covered in ocean, and yet it’s something that we know very little about. It is an incredibly hostile environment filled with strange creatures, and it is right on our door step.”

You’ve got to admit that he’s got a point, and they went with the underwater concept very much so, ultimately they ended up with an entirely new world to explore. Grip teased the absolutely crushing power the deep ocean had, as he mentioned that the pressure of even a hundred meters is enough to pulverize a human underwater.

Coming from this, he noted that the creatures living so deep underwater seem as if they’re “from another world.” Grip continued: “Gigantic squid, luminescent fish and creatures that are all mouths and teeth are only the start. If you dive down any distance you enter into a realm of monsters.”

SOMA is set for release on PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2015.



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