The new games to try out in 2023

People will always gravitate towards things that entertain and engage their brains, and video games are increasingly meeting that need. The global gaming industry is growing every year as more and more gamers join the billions that enjoy playing games on consoles, PCs, mobile phones, and other devices. As the number of gamers increases, the demand for quality games is also increasing, and studios are creating some of the most impressive games ever to come to market. New for this year are some hotly anticipated releases that are taking the gaming world by storm, including:

Hogwarts Legacy

Praised for its simple yet engaging gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy has been an overnight sensation, with fans of the franchise eagerly awaiting this latest game set in the wonderful world of wizarding. Reviewers have praised the open-world nature of the game and the variety of scenarios available, as well as a whole host of extras and Easter eggs.

The game is set in the 1800s and the players can explore some of the most interesting places from the Wizarding World including the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade. Players are allocated to a house by the game’s sorting hat, they then attend classes and tackle quests to progress through the game.

Fishin’ Frenzy

Slots are among the most popular games among fans of casinos and Fishin Frenzy is one of the most popular slot games around. The fishing theme is simple but engaging and the graphics make it really easy to follow the gameplay. Fishing Frenzy offers bets from 10p to £20 which makes it a popular choice among gamers of all levels. Players can find Fishin’ Frenzy on Virgin Games, where they can try and get five pelican symbols to win the jackpot and several other prizes including free spins.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Fans of this hugely popular series of games will be thrilled to learn that their patience has been rewarded as Nintendo plan to release this eagerly-awaited sequel in May. Following on directly from the previous game, there have only been snippets of information about what fans can expect from the next instalment.

Rumours suggest that there will be an open-world sandbox in which players can build a new world in the sky. Switch fans cannot wait to see what the name of the game refers to, whether it’s a puzzle, a quest, a suggestion about what gamers can expect from the theme, or something completely different.


Having originally been scheduled for release in November 2021, this game will take players to outer space as they build themselves a spacecraft to take on their galactic adventure. With more than a hundred solar systems to explore and more than a thousand different worlds, there’s so much to find out in this game that players will have hours of fun.

It’s not just about finding new worlds and learning about them though as players can enter into alliances, take on the scourge of space pirates, and engage in combat in the either first or third person.

Street Fighter 6

When the original arcade game came out in 1987, little could anyone have predicted that it would be popular enough to start a series that would span at least four decades. The latest in this popular franchise gives gamers the chance to play as hyper-real characters of their own design, allowing them to battle with a completely customised avatar.

Of course, there are still plenty of firm favourites in the game, including the inimitable Chun Li and the ever-suave Ken, but there are new characters as well such as graffiti artist cum ninja Kimberley and French wrestler Manon, although Zangief remains a firm favourite among those that have previewed the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

When the 2019 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order allowed gamers to play as a light-sabre-wielding Jedi, they were thrilled to finally get to do combat as one of the most iconic warriors ever. This year’s release promises fans a glimpse into the life of Cal Kestis after five years of being hunted by the Empire. Previews suggest that players will have new powers as Cal, allowing them to tame wild animals and ride them, not to mention impressive changes to the combat sequences.

Resident Evil 4

This franchise was responsible for introducing the over-the-shoulder perspective that is that has made it one of the most highly-regarded games of all time. This remake brings an amazing new perspective to a game that changed the way we think of third-person shooters forever. The new version makes the most of improved graphics to bring the chainsaw-wielding action right up to the minute.

Whatever your favourite type of game, this year will have something to challenge your skills and keep you entertained.


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