The Motorcycle Adventure Fuuraiki 3 Is Being Ported to PS Vita By NIS

Fuuraiki 3, a PC visual novel/dating sim, is being ported over to the Vita for Japan in 2015, by none other than Nippon Ichi Software, according to Famitsu. And even better, the game’s release date in Japan is already set for February 19th.

Fuuraiki’s gameplay revolves around travelling through the large northern island of Hokkaido, taking in the sights, enjoying the scenery, and exploring the surroundings. The gameplay is split into three different sections, varying from “Touring” to “Adventure” to “Camping”.

Touring involves the player exploring Hokkaido by motorcycle. The gameplay sections of this show the scenery through photography, and allow a player to stop along the road to look out at the horizon. It’s really quite stunning—all of the backgrounds here are actually real photography from Hokkaido, so it’s a really neat experience.

Adventure sections are more visual novel-esque, and in these sections the player interacts with the main heroines and the locals of the island. The player’s mission throughout the game is to gather information and pictures, which is accomplished in this mode, which are then used in …

Camping mode. Camping mode is where your goal in the game is set. The main character, a travel writer, is participating in a writing contest, and is tasked with writing online posts about the people he’s met and the places he’s been. Your goal here is to write posts that will be well received, and that will help you win the contest.

The original PC version of the game sported three main heroines, and they are all set to make a return in the Vita version.

First up we have Nagisa Aisawa (Seiyuu: Yuri Ayase)


Next is Saya Mizushina (Seiyuu: Mirai Chiroru)


And last is Izumi Tomura (Seiyuu: Megumi Yokou)


We’ll keep you guys posted.

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