The Most Popular Netflix Movies in 2022


2022 has been an amazing year for Netflix members. The platform streamed many movies of different genres giving a tough fight to other platforms. And if you own a Netflix subscription, you should definitely have a look at the most popular Netflix movies in 2022. Here we go!

Streaming platforms are contributing to the growth of the entertainment industry. And the availability of quality content is adding more to their popularity. That’s why maximum people prefer streaming content on these platforms. So, let’s check what people have liked on Netflix so far!

The Most Popular Netflix Movies n 2022 | Movies That Are Worth Watching!

Many movies were streamed in 2022 but some left an indelible print on viewers’ mind. That’s why they are the most popular movies in 2022. Without letting you wait, let’s talk about these movies!

#1 The Gray Man

Based on a CIA agent, The Gray Man is a perfect example of an action thriller. Six is a skilled assassin working with the CIA. However, his mission goes wrong and other CIA agents start chasing Six. As a result, he needs to escape.

This is a high-budget movie according to ExpressVPN’s report, which looks at the biggest shows of 2022 across streaming platforms, and Gray Man received largely positive reviews with notable mention to the development of the side characters.

#2 The Kissing Booth 2

A spectacular teen comedy, The Kissing Booth 2 captures the romantic summer of Noah and Ellie. After spending quality time, Noah leaves for Harward, and Ellie steps into the second year of her high studies. Soon the couple finds it hard to adjust to a long-distance relationship. But they don’t give up on their relationship.

The movie got praise from viewers because it has lots of comical sequences. And the performance of the cast members is worth praising.

#3 The Irishman

Set in 1950, The Irishman captures the life of a truck driver, Frank Sheeran. For the money, he collaborates with Russell Buffalino and Russell’s family having a criminal background. As Frank tries to become a top hit man, he starts working for Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful teamster having relations with a criminal organization.

Viewers loved watching this movie because of smart characters like Frank Shreeman. Even the filming locations are breathtaking.

#4 Purple Hearts

Based on a novel written by Tess Wakefield, Purple Hearts narrates the love story of an aspiring musician, Cassie. Due to some reason, she agrees to a marriage of convenience with Luke who is about to join the military. Soon things change between the two and they start developing a romantic relationship.

Purple Hearts had high viewership because it sheds light on what people in the military go through. Apart from this, background music connects you to the emotions of the characters.

#5 The Adam Project

The Adam Project encapsulates the experience of a time-traveling fighter pilot who lands in 2022. This happens after Adam’s plane crashes accidentally. After landing, he teams up with his 12 year old to save the future of humans.

People liked the movie for its new approach to science fiction. And the cinematography left the viewers in shock.

#6 Don’t Look Up

Known as a political satire, Don’t Look Up is about two low-level astronomers. They are supposed to go on a tour to warn mankind. That’s because a comet is approaching earth and might destroy everything on earth.

The movie was loved by people due to Harry Styles’s performance. Also, many sequences are hilarious, which makes it a stress buster.

#7 Red Notice

Based on a true story, Red Notice deals with an Interpol agent, John Hartley. He attempts to hunt the world’s most wanted art thief. For this, he walks the extra mile and even joins hands with another thief. But the journey has lots of hurdles for him.

Red Notice won many hearts because it’s full of action and funny sequences. Also, the plot is simple yet intriguing.

Final Words

Now that you know the popular movies on Netflix in 2022 it’s time to enhance your knowledge a bit. You are yet to discover December hits on Netflix.

The lists include Bullet Train, Prisoners, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, White Noise, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (which we reviewed right here on Niche Gamer), Emily The Criminal, and many more movies.



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