The most fashionable Final Fantasy XIV Glamours

fashionable Final Fantasy XIV Glamours

One of the biggest draws of Final Fantasy XIV is its extensive glamour system. For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a skin that overwrites a character’s armor.

Wearing one means you’re still looking cool even with mismatched armors. Most of them may be bought with FFXIV Gil or crafted by a player. You might have to farm a currency or win a minigame to get the others.

After all, people are entitled to their own preferences, and what some people consider fashionable might not be for you. Still, most of these FFXIV glamour are versatile enough to be mixed and matched to suit your tastes.

Here are the most fashionable Final Fantasy XIV glamours:

Strut your stuff with these stylish skins

Elemental Armor

While not actually a glamour, this armor attracts the attention of many players. It’s the only one that shines in the dark — something that’s pretty unique in all the clothing choices in the game. You can get it by farming Pyros Crystals in Eureka and exchanging those through the Expedition Artisan.

Unfortunately, only about three of the sets are cool-looking. Those for the Tank, Dragoon, and Casters all look great. The others, not so much. Then again, you could still be after the glowing effect. Still, the other sets are pretty disappointing.

Calfskin Rider’s Jacket

This leather jacket would suit many outfits and give your character a slight edge. Otherwise, it can become dashing or slick depending on what kind of clothing you paired it with. It’s stylish, classy, and versatile enough to match many styles.

Having the whole set is also an option for a leather ensemble that rocks the punk look. You can craft one of these jackets through Leatherworking or buy it from the Market Board. Prices vary between servers.

Neo-Ishgardian Armors

The Neo-Ishgardian armors just look elegant and sleek. If you ever want to attend a posh dinner party but have a dungeon raid later, this is the look you need. All in all, these sets look great for every class. Depending on the dye you use, you can even change the overall vibe of the outfit.

You can craft these or get them from the Market Board. Prices vary wildly depending on which class you’re going for and what server you’re in.

Kupo Jacket

This formal white jacket doesn’t actually make you look like a Moogle, despite the name. However, it is a classy and flexible piece that you can match with various other clothing. Its versatility with different clothing and other dyes makes it a great addition to your wardrobe.

The price for the Kupo Jacket can go up to 100K FFXIV Gil in the Market Board since players can’t craft it.

Casual Jacket

Last but not least, this casual and laid-back jacket is one of the most sought-out outfits in the game. It goes well with most bottoms and shoes, plus it gives a chill, relaxed vibe to the character. It’s the clothes you would wear when just hanging out with friends.

It can be expensive on the Market Board as prices can go up to 1.5 million Gil. If you get the first prize in Ishgardian Restoration’s Kupo of Fortune, you can get it.

Creating a character is sometimes the most challenging part of the game. Players can spend hours going back and forth on eye colors, hair length, face features, body build, etc. It’s almost a game genre by itself at this point. Past that, these FFXIV glamours are like an extension of character creation.

While you can’t change your character’s features (save maybe your hair color and length), you can still change their clothes and fashion. It’s an expression of what you like and what looks good on your character.

Dressing up can also solidify the role-playing aspect of the game. Dressing to impress doesn’t just apply in the real world. It can apply to in-game worlds as well. Having certain kinds of glamours does give specific impressions to other players.

Of course, the more glamours you have, the more combinations you can make for the Gold Saucer’s Fashion Reports. The more varieties you have, the more chances you can get a rating of 80 or higher. That, in turn, can help you gain more MGP for various rewards from the Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can check out our review of the latest expansion Endwalker here! (We recommend it!)



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