The More You Hide in Alien: Isolation, the Scarier the Sounds Will Get

In the latest developer diary for Alien: Isolation, we’ve gotten a look at a unique way that developer Creative Assembly is trying to up the tension, anxiety, and terror just a bit more. While most survival horror games will let you hide from your foes or enemies and not punish you for doing so, it seems like the xenomorph in Isolation will do just that.

Creative Assembly got their hands onto the original sound recordings from the first Alien film, and they even tracked down the musicians who worked with the original composer behind the movie, Jerry Goldsmith, who passed away back in 2004. There is a ton of new sound that must be recorded for the game, however, like the stomping of watermelons (for that gushy flesh sound), or the foley style footsteps you’d hear coming off tiles.

Lastly, as mentioned above, the sound engine itself will actually make note of when the player is hiding from the xenomorph, and it will heighten the sound effects, just to help you soil yourself that much sooner.

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