The Location Test for Tekken 7 is Being Livestreamed

tekken 7 10-2-14-1

In case you’re unable to make it to Osaka or Tokyo for Bandai Namco’s upcoming location test for Tekken 7, they’ve got you covered.

The company will be livestreaming the location test via Nico Nico. You can view the respective Nico Nico broadcast pages here:

The location test actually kicks off on October 3rd, so maybe we’ll get some shaky-cam footage, if we’re lucky?

There will be developers on board for each livestream, including Yuu, the Tekken Bancho Jackller, and HinoP on October 4th, while Nobi, Tekken Bancho Jackller, HinoP, and a special guest will be present on October 5th.

Brandon Orselli


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