The Legend of Iya is the Gorgeous Pixelated Metroidvania You’ve Always Wanted

Legend of Iya Art 1

The Legend of Iya, a downright gorgeously pixelated metroidvania game, is on Kickstarter right now. Why should you care about this retro-styled game? You should care because not only is it downright gorgeous, it has all the makings of a superb metroidvania styled adventure.

The gameplay in Iya is obviously heavily inspired by classics within the genre, platforming looks tight and top notch, animations are fluid and great looking, bosses are modular and take intricate strategies to take down, all in all it’s a very well crafted game so far.

Legend of Iya Art 2

Darkfalzx has plans to port the game to other platforms if the Kickstarter is successful, namely Linux, iOS and Android. Here’s a bullet point list of the key features planned for the game:

  • A vast, labyrinthine world reminiscent of the classics like Super Metroid and Castlevania SOTN.
  • High quality graphics – like the best SNES could offer. None of that crude hipster-pixel here!
  • Tons upon tons of quality sprite animation! Like, seriously – the player alone already has somewhere in the vicinity of 500 frames.
  • Chunky pixels! The game runs in a 256×192 native resolution of pixelated retro goodness.
  • Dozens of new powers, upgrades and secrets to find and collect.
  • Juggle-tastic melee combat.
  • Massive boss battles and set-pieces.

Clearly, Darkfalzx is an extremely talented pixel artist, the artwork in the game is breathtaking and looks like it could be seen in several classic pixelated games of the past. The game really looks awesome in motion, you have to watch the trailer below:

If you’re interested in backing the game, the Kickstarter page is here. I think the game deserves a chance and hopefully he considers porting it to the handhelds, the game is a perfect fit to be on a handheld in my opinion.

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