The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn, an Online RPG, is Revealed

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Falcom is celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Legend of Heroes franchise in a bold new way – in the form of the newly revealed The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn, a new online RPG.

The game is a joint development between Falcom and Taiwan studio UserJoy Technology. The development platform has not been confirmed yet.

The story surrounds the novice Bracer class fighters Nacht Weiss and Chloe Barnett, in which players will try to solve a multitude of problems arising within various locales in the Zemuria continent. These areas can include the Liberl Kingdom, the Principality of Remiferia, and even the Crossbell State.

There will also be new and returning characters in the game, with the new characters naturally  being designed by series artist and main illustrator Haccan.

You can find some information for the protagonists and the story below:

The Story Thusfar

The story begins in western Zemuria, Crossbell State. A boy named Nacht Weiss has always dreamed of becoming a Bracer, only to bump into Chloe Barnett on the day of his certification exam. Chloe is the girl with black hair (picture above), which is rare in the Zemuria region. Chloe is there to take the exam as well, although she hails from the Liberl Kingdom. As they both go into the caverns underneath Crossbell City to take their exam, they hear of a “Special Support Division” from Michelle, a secretary working for the Bracer outpost. After this, the misadventures of Nacht and Chloe begins.

The Protagonists

Nacht Weiss

Nacht is a young boy whose origin and nationality are unknown. Coming from this, he always struggles to blend in and just live a normal life. After becoming a Bracer, he intends to just take on a bunch of ordinary jobs, but those plans are struck aside after he meets up with Chloe. The distance between his personality and Chloe’s is pretty great, although he seems to be more proficient in combat. Nacht’s weapon of choice is a halberd that has an Orbal gun attached, and he can even set up Orbal land mines.

Chloe Barnett

Chloe hails from the Ruan region within the Liberl Kingdom. She takes notes from the chivalrous knights she grew up hearing stories of, and as such she holds a more traditional sense of conduct and justice – like something you’d literally see out of the legends of old. She became obsessed with the Bracers who helped take care of the Calamity of Liberl, deciding to drop out of the Jenis Royal Academy to join the Bracers herself – much to the dislike of her parents.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn is coming sometime in 2015.

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