The Last of Us season 2 already greenlit by HBO

The Last Of Us Second Season Greenlit Thumbnail

The Last of Us television series has been off to a strong start with good reviews by critics and audiences alike.

The show’s viewership numbers have also been strong, which is why it’s no surprise that HBO has announced there will be a second season for the series:

The first season, which is currently airing on HBO Max, is set to cover the entire events of the first game and its DLC.

So it seems that a season 2 would most certainly cover the game sequel, The Last of Us Part 2, barring the showrunners choosing to cover the time between the games first.

Right now, the franchise has been hitting with at all cylinders. As mentioned before, the show has been massively successful and recently the games have achieved over 37 million sales. An impressive feat considering this only covers two titles.

Meanwhile those who have enjoyed the show so far can play the remake of the original game on PlayStation 5 right now. For PC players, it will be arriving there soon on March 3, 2023.



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